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Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Boat Name Is

Thanks for all your suggestions to help name our boat. It gave us a great source of amusement with some of the suggestions.

We are on our third attempt to secure a boat to buy. The other two were being held back as some of the owners didn't want to sell and were having a power struggle between them.

Boaty McBoatface started to build up momentum in the early stages, but thank God there were a lot of you out there that saved the day and started sending in other sensible suggestions.

There were many of you who sent in more than one suggestion, which is fine by us.

Some funny ones but still quite apt were "Dive now in a Minute" that was sent in a few times, once by our very own H. "Free Abuse" was another apt one, but as I say, we never put anything with FREE written down in writing. It could get misconstrued!!!! Another popular one was "STUNNING" which many of you know is Mr Alun's catch phrase. "NEWTRIANTS" which is a reference to Alec's awesome briefings was also brandished about. The one that was always going to be a non starter was sent in by Danny Calvert. I can only assume he was having a laugh as "St George" isn't welcome in these parts since the Crusades although there already a boat named that in Travco Marina.

Callum-Valentino Rossi suggested we call the boat "The Big G". The only other person to back him up was G himself. Sorry lads!

There were also some very nice suggestions that were in the Welsh Launguage, Swn Y Mor (Sound of the sea), Seren Sinai (Sinai Star) Cariad (my love) Y DDraig Goch (The Red Dragon), Calon Lan (Pure of Heart) and many more.

Also you romantics out there pushed this one almost to the top. "Moyra Lee" but it's bad luck to re-name a boat with a ladies name.
Mr Alun said.
"It would be OK in this case, as she's no lady, she's my wife" which got him a thump from the Boss!

One that we had a few suggestions for would be a task to write on the boat, even though Mr Richard Jones suggested writing the name from the Starboard side around to the Port side. LLanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch!!!!!! Thanks Nikki and a few others!

In the end, there were two most popular names/words. We are very pleased with the both. There are two words which kept cropping up. One being Dragon accompanied before or after by another word like Red, Welsh, Diver, Sharm (Mr Alun's favorite Mary Jones) even Sakara!!! The other being Elite accompanied by others such as Dragon, Red Sea, Sharm, Explorer, Shearwater, and many more.

In the end we chose the word that appeared all on it's own the most. So the name of our new boat is
plain and simple, one word just like Lido was, and I'm sure it won't come as much of a surprise. Click on boat name to find out. BOAT NAME

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The diving is better than ever without many divers here in Sharm El Sheikh

As you may have seen this month? We have had a lot of fun out on the Boat, along with some superb diving.  We had many turtles coming along, with two even flirting with each other right in front of us!!

The big schools are making their way back to the sites at Ras Mohammed, the Snappers, Barracuda, Bat Fish, Emperors and the Unicorn fish have all been spotted gathering together.                                                          Tim has had his 1st experience with a Manta, Tanya got to see a Grey Reef Shark swimming by.  Sean being the guide expertly finding them on both occassions!!!

The Water is certainly warming up, G is back in his Shorts & Rash vest, even Hossam is out of the drysuit and back in his Shortie! So it must be true, you couldn't make it up....

    So why not come out to join in the fun and of course, spectacular diving?? We have some familiar faces starting their diving on the 13th & 14th of June.  We would love to see you out here enjoying with us, both in the water and at Ras Stella afterwards :-)

Check out and fly Heathrow to Sharm, via Cairo.... It's sooo easy, and at the moment the prices are approx £350 return on 13th June. Incredible!!!! So take advantage before they start to go up?

All photos supplied by Nigel Wade Technical Editor of Diver magazine when he dived with us this time last year. It's even better this year.

E-mail Angie in the office for details on the dive packs;

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Flights To Sharm El Sheikh

Moy and I have just travelled back and forth from Sharm to UK and UK Sharm due to family issues a few time over the last week. I must say the Egyptair route is our preferred rout and carrier. £350 return form Sharm to Heathrow with a change in Cairo. Free food on plane and soft drinks. Two 23 KG luggage allowance. Top films on personal screen on your seat with a choice of films TV etc.
Heathrow to Cairo, you don’t touch the luggage until you get to Sharm and visor versa. A very quick turnaround in Cairo. 4.25 hours flight to Cairo, a little walk through the same terminal for a visa and you’re off to Sharm on a 40 minute flight.

On the other hand, the Istanbul method was two longish flights, longer stops between connecting flights. We know people who have lost their luggage and it hasn’t turned up for over a month and can’t be found anywhere.
If you want to come to Sharm and don’t want to wait for direct flights to start up. I’d look on  It’s cheaper in most cases if you book form Skyscanner website rather than the airlines direct.

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