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Thursday, 22 July 2010

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Saturday, 17 July 2010


Divers United 35022
The award was once named PADI Five Palm Dive Center but PADI has now distinguised centers with different standards of service and facilities. The 5 star resort is awarded only to PADI dive schools with the highest level of equipment, facilities, experienced instructors and accommodation available.

To book any diving or courses look on

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Diving Thistlegorm from Sharm El Sheikh One of the best wreck dives of the world

Being one of the best wreck dives of the world, the SS Thistlegorm is one of the biggest diving atractions of the Northern Red Sea.

It Attracts divers from all over the world
Penetration of the wreck is very popular, and with the daylight entering from the large holds, it makes it an easy dive to navigate through the internal corridors.

Many types of creatures have made the Thistlegorm their home

Probably the most photographed 4" brass shell ever. Manufactured in 1929.

There is live ammunition all over the blast damaged area.

So much to photograph.

Red Sea Gold fish in abundance, over the railway carriages on the fore decks.
A British casualty of World War 2, the Thistlegorm was heavily laden with ammunition and vehicles, all still in place where they were loaded, and easily accessible for viewing.

Apart from being a time capsule of its era, the Thistlegorm is also a heaven for many fish and marine creatures. It can often be very spectacular when the tuna, jacks and trevallie’s are feeding on shoals of smaller fish. We often get to see the resident Hawksbill Turtle that takes refuge in this massive wreck.
For information on daily trips to SS Thistlegorm, one of the best wreck dives in the world.

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Monday, 5 July 2010

Queen of the Mantas Diving Visit to Sharm

Queen of the Mantas, Diving visit to Sharm El Sheikh.
Due to the regular sightings of Manta Ray in Sharm, marine biologist Dr Andrea Marshall (AKA Queen of the Mantas) decided to visit Sharm.

Dr Andrea, who is a global expert on mantas and founder of the Foundation for the Protection of Marine Megafauna, is aiming to gather information on the Giant Manta Rays, Manta birostris. Dr Andrea has also given two presentations about mantas and their conservation, to staff from local diving centres. She gained her nicknameQueen of Mantasafter featuring in a BBC documentary about her work.

Elite diving's dive center in Sharm, has offerd help in colating information ond photos of these magnificent creatures and passing it on to her.

Anyone wishing to join us in gathering as much information as possible and helping Dr Andrea is more than welcome.


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