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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Many famous and not so famous events have 6th October in common and are synonymous with Sinai Red Sea Egypt.

Here are some in year order.

6th October - 1941. Sinking Of SS Thistlegorm, making it one of the best wreck dives in the world.

During World War 2 this British cargo ship on secondment was a casualty of war. It sunk is Shab Ali, which is an area just off the Sinai cost near Sharm El Sheikh, in The Gulf of Suez Red Sea.

6th October - 19?? Birthday of Mr Alun. Founder of Red Sea Elite Diving who loves diving The Thistlegorm (year a bit vague)

6th October - 1973 The taking back of Sinai by the Egyptian Army.

Known as Yom Kippur war, the Egyptian and Sirian army declared war on Israel to take back Sinai and other areas boardering Israel.

6th October - 2010. Sharm El Sheikh Rugby Union team is formed.

For many years people have talked about starting a rugby team in Sharm El sheikh. It has finally happened. There was a good turnout on the first evening on 6th October 2010.

Twenty six eager rugby fans turned up to take part, and many others came to watch.
A variety of ages and skill levels were on show, many sporting the shirts of the dive centers where they work. The true spirit of rugby prevailed and everyone that took part in the touch rugby sessions thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

There would have been some aching limbs the morning after, but there was a buzz evident in the traditional après rugby social drink afterwards. This looks as if it’s a start of something new for the expats’ of Sharm El Sheikh.


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Monday, 4 October 2010

Hyperbaric Medical Chamber Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh Hyperbaric Medical Chamber

HMC Sharm El Sheikh Sinai. Dr Adel Taher and BSA motorbike. Entrance to the dry dive.

We intend to have a regular column for the Doctors of the Hyperbaric Medical Centre (HMC). They can answer your medical queries or update you with tips to remain safe and healthy when diving.
The HMC and its doctors have been Operating since March 1993 and Sharm el Sheikh’s HMC has become a valuable institution amongst the local diving community.
Under the leadership of Director Dr Adel Taher; Consultant in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine and Assistant Director Dr Ahmed Sakr the centre has, to date (October 2010), successfully treated over 1000 cases of DCI.

So if you have any medical queries please let us know at

Please let us know if you have any medical questions related to diving for our Hyperbaric doctors. We will pass them on to them.

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