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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Shark Attack in Ras Nazrani Sharm El Sheikh

Shark Attacks in Ras Nazrani, Sharm El Sheikh, have given the public the wrong impression and undeserved bad press for the Oceanic.

The Oceanic White tip above, was photographed just under the ladder of the boat while moored on Jackson reef in 2005.

This one above was photographed August 2009 at Ras Um Sid. These sharks are known for their inquisitiveness. This one came within three meters of us to investigate, but with no sign of food, it lost interest.

The above photo was taken by Duncan Spencerley only yesterday. He has kindly given us his permission to use it. It was taken at Beacon Rock, the site of Dunraven. This Oceanic was photographed at around the same time as the attacks occured but over 20 miles away, so it wasn't the same shark. This shark is around 2.5 meters long, and again showed no aggression towards the divers.

We are seeing an increased amount of non divers feeding the small fish near their hotel jetties, and also witnessing security or hotel staff line fishing, pulling small fish out of the sea. The small fish go into a feeding frenzy, and most divers who follow National Geografic or Discovery Channel will know that sharks are attracted by electirc impulses, and the food frenzy hightens these impulses, informing the shark that there is food on offer.

As a shark aproaches the frenzy, it too goes into one, and will bite at almost anything. The simple asnwer is stop the feeding of the fish by the unlearned and no more attacks will happen. There's no point in killing a shark if we don't educate people that feeding fish is not only bad for the enviroment but dangerous to the public also.
It has now been stated in the press that an Oceanic has been caught in the area of the attack. One paper claims it is being stuffed and put in Ras Mohamed museum. This shark is also a victim and should still be roaming the seas. It has done nothing wrong apart from acting as nature intended, the problem is that it was human induced.
We are going to start a petition to hand to the local authoroties to get the Hotels to police their beaches strongly and educate their clients in marine enviromental protection.

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