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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Big Thank you from Sharm Hyperbaric Doctors and Staff

Dr Adel and Dr Ahmed of The Sharm Hyberbaric medical chamber would like to give a big "THANK YOU" to all our divers who have contributed to the upkeep of the hyperbaric facility in 2010.
At resort, we ask each diver if they'd like to make a donation to the upkeep of this vital diving medical facility. Our clients raised 2,588 euro during 2010 through our Divers United dive centre in Sharm.
Below Moyra, a director of Elite Diving, takes great pleasure in presenting a cheque to Dr Ahmed on behalf of our diving customers.

We felt that we should not only thank our divers but show them where their money was being spent, so we headed down to the Chamber to present the money and find out more. Dr Ahmed welcomed us and showed much appreciation for the donation. He also gave us a sneak preview of the new additional chamber that is being installed.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, recognising the importance of the diving industry and the need for safety within it, has initiated the buying of a 6 million Egyptian Pound (apporx 1.06 million US$) state of the art Hyperbaric Chamber. The computer run, 11 seat, 2 bed, full door chamber, is a serious piece of equipment! It is impressively housed in its own building with built in fire protection and additional rooms for extras such as examinations and gas mixing. A team from the German company "Haux" are in Sharm for 3 weeks, to assemble and test the new Chamber.

Dr Adel and Dr Ahmed will then be trained on the use of the Chamber on visits to Germany.

We are fortunate in Sharm to have such experienced and competent diving physicians to run this Hyperbaric facility. It’s also good to know that they are being provided with high calibre equipment to help them provide the medical care all the more easier. Sharm has world class diving and now a world class diving medical facility. We will continue to ask our divers for contributions to help with the upkeep of this vital facility.

The new chamber will not only be used for diving acidents, but also in treating other medical conditions that benefit from Hyperbaric and increased Oxygen pressure treatment.

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