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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Whale Shark Season Starts Early in Sharm El Sheikh

When diving in Sharm El Sheikh, we thought we were lucky last year to see our first whale shark of the season in March. The rest of the year went on to be a bumper year for whale shark sightings.
Today (February 5), we had our first whale shark of 2011, so fingers crossed for another exciting season for whale sharks.
It is estimated that todays whale shark was approx 4 to 5 meters long, so just a young one, which leads us to belive there may be elder members of it's family in the vicinity. This one was sighted on Jackfish Alley in the forst 10 minutes of the dive. It swam in from the blue, as if to investigate our group of divers. After giving us the once over, it turned tail and swam back out into the blue.
The last three or four seasons we have been experiencing an increasing number of whale shark sightings, and even many more manta rays than usual.
The water temperature has not dropped below 23 deg C again this winter and it stayed at 28 deg C until the start of December 2010. Is this a clue to why we are getting more and more of the plankton eating giants.

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bulldog Attitude of British Divers - Hotel and Diving Deal

The British Bulldog attitude shows through.
Sharm El Sheikh, is a diving holiday destination for many nationalities. It's the British as usual that has shown the most resilience once again.

Much is reported in the media about the troubles in Egypt but Sharm El Sheikh is almost cut off from mainland Egypt and is a far cry from the activities happening in Egyptian cities and is very peacfull and quiet. However, there are many nationalities that are avoiding Egypt and Sharm altogether, and even foreign residents have been leaving Sharm for a holiday back in their own country while Egypt sorts itself out.

British divers who visit Sharm regularly, are taking advantage of this quiet February low season, as they know it's business as usual here in Sharm. During any Middle East crisis, the Britsh divers always have a nose for a good deal where other nationalities turn and run.
Come and dive in Sharm During February. You'll get the reefs almost to yourselves, and added bonus that most of the anoying nationalitis are not here !!!!!

The hotel where our dive centre is based, has offered us a special rate to pass on to our divers. Using their special offer rates we have put this hotel and diving deal special offer together.

7 Nights B&B with airport transfers and 5 day dive pack for Only £207 per person when two people share a room.
Available for all dates in February 2011.
You will need to book your own flights.

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