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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Scientific Diving camp in The Red Sea Desert.

Taking time out to relax on the beach. Lunch time in the main tent.

Breakfast, made and served by The Bedoiuins. A beach Backdrop to the main tent.

Evening by candlelight. True camping. A view of the camp from sea.

Peace and quiet in the desert


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Friday, 7 October 2011

Tourism in Red Sea Egypt - BBC News.

Due to the downturn in tourism in Egypt since the civil unrest in February 2011, the Egyptian tourism board have invited journalists to visit Egypt to see what the situation is like now.

For most of the year, since the protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Sharm has been like it was many years ago in the early days, when only diving tourists came here. Being totally selfish this suited many of the diving staff and divers travelling here as it was more like the tranquil Sharm they all fell in love with years ago, before Sharm got more commercial.

The diving however has never changed in all those years, apart from having more divers on the more popular sites. This year has been different. Many of our divers have commented that they come across far less divers than they usually do underwater. We have even had the most popular reefs such as Jackson, Shark and Yolanda, to ourselves on many occasions.
What we have noticed, on some sites, due to less divers, the reefs seem in better condition with healthier coral. This doesn’t include Jackson and Shark and Yolanda as these reefs keep amazing us with their fresh pristine like condition all through the year despite being the most dived reefs here where we often see a turtle or two grazing on the soft coral.

The condition of these reefs, we put this down to their location. They are at opposite ends of Sharm where the areas gets the most current passing, bringing abundance of nutrients to keep feeding the corals.

Below is a link to an article by Jackie Storer on BBC News, featuring an interview with Elite Diving's very own Mr Alun.

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