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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Elite Diving Staff to Super model of DIVER Magazine Cover Photo Fame

We knew we had a chance of getting a front cover shot on Diver Magazine with one of our staff or divers after the recent visit by Diver Magazine member of staff Nigel Wade, but we didn't expect it so soon.

The editor of Diver loved the Werewolf look of our very own living Legend Alec Jones.

Diver Magazine Front Cover Featuring elite's unmistakable Instructor Alec Jones
Profile on Alec

Also know by many other names such as Jonsey, Dimple and Taffro.

“Jonsey” is a derivative of his family name, 

“Taffro” due to his Welsh origin and his flowing locks which has become Iconic. I’ve never seen a head of hair cause so much interest. It may also be down to Alecs’  popularity in general.

“Dimple”. This was born during his younger days when he was doing his Divemaster all those years ago. Always being very popular with the ladies (although he’s very oblivious to it mostly), one young lady noticed the one dimple Alec has on his left cheek and from then he was also known as Dimple!

Alec learnt to dive with Carmarthen Bay Sub Aqua Club  (CBSAC) when he was in his mid teens. CBSAC is a BSAC Branch of which his father was Diving Officer for many years. He came to Elite diving in February 2006 after studying and graduating from Plymouth University with a degree in marine biology. His short term ambition was to gain life experience while obtaining a licence to teach people SCUBA Diving. He started to progress with rescue then on to a very comprehensive Divemaster course over 4 months which has held him in good stead.

The next step was Assistant instructor and then he was ready to enroll on an Instructor Development course. His Course Director commented on Alec’s preparation and said he was the best prepared candidate for the instructor course he had ever met. This was a credit to Alecs determination, enthusiasm and professionalism.

One of the photos in the series that was selected for Diver front page.
 Alec worked with Elite for the rest of the year before heading back to UK to build a career in the RAF. However, the experience and enjoyment of working as an instructor and dive guide had got into his blood, and as his career with the RAF didn’t get off the ground, he had a desire to come back to Sharm to take up where he left off with his dive guide and instructor career.  We didn’t make it easy for him to come back at first, although we wanted him back, we were thinking that he may be better following a different career path for more fulfillment and financial reward, but he was persistent and at the end of 2010 after a gap of four years, Alec was back working in Sharm for Elite Diving. He’s now the assistant manager of the dive centre and has gained further Instructor certificates in BSAC and SSI. He is also a qualified technical diver and also very popular with all staff and diving guests alike.
Inside the magazine, you'll find Alec modeling this wet suit.

Taffro doing his werewolf impersonation

Full Flow
  As promised here are a selection of photos that Nigel Wade took while diving with us in march 2014.
Amy who previously worked in our reservation department seen here modeling some Aqua Lung kit

Nigel Wade found it hard to ignore the beauty of Amy, so she had many photos taken!!

Hossam who is a valued member of the dive team

Hossam also showing his modeling skills.
Karen Bruce. A valued member of our Instructor Team

Karen has many mentions on Trip Adviser. Often called motherly by students, due to her patience and caring attitude.

Karen taking her students for their last dive to get qualified fully.

Mohamed.  One of the tanks and equipment staff

Karen putting students through their paces.

Sarah Valentine taking part in a Diver magazine survey on dive masks while diving with us in Sharm El Sheikh

Mark and Sarah Valentine.  

Alun, Gareth and Millie The Green Turtle.

"Keep up lads"

Gareth mesmerised by one of the big anemone at Anemone City Ras Mohamed.

"Stunning Coral"


Easy to see that these photos are taken by a professional.

More "Stunning Coral"

That reminds me. I need to eat more salad!

Sisters Mary and Helen Edwards pose with their diabetes UK wrist bands

The Beautiful Anya
A future cover photo if I've ever seen one. Lucy just after completing her rescue course with us.

Lucy and Anya

Going Deep

50 meters down in Ras Mohamed Canyon

The Beauty of The Red Sea

Nigel Wade does Selfies

Owners Moyra and Alun

Another Selfie by Nigel with Moyra and Alun looking on.

Diver Magazine with the cover photo of Alec is the May 2014 issue. It is now on sale at W.H.Smith and most good newsagents.
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