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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Divng in Sharm El Sheikh and Improve your Safety skills.

Improve your Safety Skills while diving in Sharm El Sheikh this Summer.

Hanging at Safety Stop with DSMB

"With the busy Summer Season fast approaching in Sharm El Sheikh, increasing numbers of divers will be returning to the Red Sea to take advantage of its amazing marine life. Whilst most of these will be experienced Scuba enthusiasts, luckily they may never have encountered a problem underwater.  However, it is a fact that sometimes issues do arise, however small, and it is in the best interests of the diver to know how to cope with them. 

Deploying DSMB from depth

“Scuba Diving is an extremely safe sport. Safer in fact than driving a car”, says 
Alun Evans, owner and manager of British Dive Center Elite Diving in Sharm El Sheikh. 
“Divers are taught from the beginning of their training how to cope with certain problematic situations, but there is always more that can be learnt”. Being a Tec Instructor and enthusiast, Alun appreciates the importance of reducing risks to the absolute minimum, and this Summer is promoting Elite Diving’s Summer of Safety campaign. 

Self Help on a Rescue course

 “We are encouraging divers to further develop their in water capabilities, both to assist in their own well-being and that of others. It can be something as simple as knowing when and how to deploy a DSMB.  It can make so much difference”. Alun explained how he welcomed the news that this skill was now being introduced into the new PADI Open Water Course, after it being compulsory in BSAC Sport Diver for so long. “Drift diving accounts for most of the diving here in the Red Sea, and knowing how to act in drift conditions, and then to deploy a signaling device is priceless.”  

Assisting a diver to the surface on rescue course.

To encourage divers to actively get involved, Elite Diving is offering some fantastic deals during July August and September. With every 5 Day Dive Pack booked for £150.00, we will either provide a free SMB workshop with an Elite Diving certificate, or a PADI Drift Diver specialty. Or for those wishing to take their education a little further, we are offering 2 x PADI Rescue Diver courses for just £300.00 (PADI course offers exclude manuals and certifications).

If you want to take advantage of any of these offers, just get in touch with us at

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